Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Beginning to Look...

...a lot like a home and not a cardboard box repository! Yay!

There are some boxes I can't lift, but that's what cherubs are for, right? And both are coming for a couple of days next week, wherein I shall put them to work. Muahahaha!

I like that our company closes for the last week of the year. It takes away a lot of that "but you took it off last year" stuff that I've seen happen in other places I've worked. Everyone's off, recharging themselves and that helps refresh the mind for the year ahead.

My goal for the day is to do a bit of grocery shopping. I want to make some cookies (hahaha, nothing like leaving things for the last minute) or chocolate loaf cake for next week. And, of course, I need cheese for fondue, too.

And so, off I go! The nearest Trader Joe's isn't as close as the ginormous Whole Foods, but I prefer to get staple items there. The roads may still be icy. The shoppers will be at their most desperate.

Wish me luck!


  1. She's learned to drive like a Californian. I'm more worried about the other shoppers on the roads =D