Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Girls' Night In

As Kevin returns tomorrow, last night was our official last girls' night in the O'Hara household. I have to go home tonight, lest I find that Mittens has pooped on my new bathroom rug in protest of something or other!

We've had a lovely handful of days, sitting together with cups of tea, surrounded by cats and the glorious clutter of craft projects in progress.

I love spending time in this house; it's full of love, friendship and laughter. And while Candyce thinks I have been doing her a favor by sleeping over, it's actually me that's benefiting! The aura of her home is so pervasive, I can't help but go about the rest of the year in a happy, hopeful and blessed mood.

May a little of her magic work its way through the internet and find all y'all, too.

1 comment:

  1. Back here I have that whole clutter of craft stuff going on, too. With mom. OSM is crafting Christmas-colored placemats again. All over my living room =P