Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's Dead, Jim

As pre-arranged, I drove over to Candyce's house and we spent several hours talking and talking. Candyce is making some Yule wreaths and I'd brought along the latest in baby blankies.

One of the wreaths is destined for one of Candyce's "Rat Lady" friends, and I mentioned that I knew how to make yarn rats. We decided to head to the store to pick up some supplies and get some lunch.

"I'll drive," I said. So we hop into Old Paint, who refused to stay on. We sat there and tried again. We tried again. Finally, we got into Candyce's car and did our errands.

On the way back, we picked up a gallon of gas; perhaps Old Paint thought it was completely empty as it's parked on the hill of her garage at a pretty good angle. In went the gas. Old Paint clanked and protested and stubbornly died each time I managed to get it turned over.

Fucking Old Paint =(

The litmus test for getting a new car is generally if you're spending more per month to fix the thing than a car loan. So let's the past three months, I've put in a new alternator and battery; had its headlight re-re-re-fixed (not that that's helped; it re-re-re-re-broke again); got it completely serviced for my road trip and now this. I think it's going to cost me more to fix whatever ails this bastard than its going to be worth.

Stupid, freaking fracking gol darn stupid cars. When I called USAA's roadside assistance program to ask about getting someone to tow it, the rep asked what year, make and model I have.

"It's a 2001...piece of junk," I replied. Both she and Candyce started giggling. So at least I haven't lost my sense of humor about this!

I spent the night at Candyce's and tomorrow, USAA will have my car towed to the nearest mechanic. That's when I get to decide if it's truly curtains or what, but I am leaning towards killing Old Paint now before he dies somewhere really inconvenient.

At least the yarn rats are coming along okay. Sigh.


  1. Oh Em Gee Owlchick said the F Word!!!!!!

    End of the world! Cats and dogs! Horsemen! I didn't even know that she KNEW that word!

    My virgin eyes!

  2. *smacks Gryph on the shoulder and walks away, laughing.

    At least Old Paint got you to Seattle without dying a horrible death! We are thankful for little things like that. I think it is time for you to get a new car even if fixing it this time is inexpensive. Safety first!

  3. A quick update:

    Candyce commented that we need to know a man who knows how to do stuff. She mentions that Kevin is a nerd and so he wouldn't be useful in these situations (and she's right; he even said as much the day I helped him hang curtains).

    However, I do know such a man and fortunately, he came to my rescue.

    He came over, did something under the hood (of the CAR) and Old Paint roared back to life. He then drove us down the hill to pick up some sort of additive for my gas tank.

    His name is Ron. I think he's awfully cute. You will hear more about him later, I suspect. =)

  4. haha glad it's working again...and with the help of a cute guy is always a plus. guys who can actually do something handy are +++++++++++++


  5. Oh, and Miz Gryph, you have not seen me since I've been under the influence of my Evil Younger Brother Matt. I swear like a sailor now.

    Well. I always swore like a sailor, but usually under my breath. After hanging out with Matt, though, my profanity has reached new heights. Hopefully, the distance between us will allow my vocabulary to return to occasionally mutterings rather than continuous streams of foul words. Fuck, yeah!