Friday, February 01, 2008

Stuff. And Things.

I was thiiiiiis close to going to Munich for my birthday. ThIIIIIIIs close! But between me picking out seats and clicking on purchase, the price jumped nearly $300! Not good!

Instead, I'll make do with my night-and-day in San Francisco for GDC. I'm on a little panel about the game I'm currently working on. The panel happens during a reception our company is hosting that week. Should be fun...being on a panel after an hour of bar-filled socializing. Heh!

Maybe I might even get to see one of my FlyerTalk friends, Kalkat (aka Lisa), who lives in the area and had hosted a deck party for us in September. She's a really nice person, very thoughtful and considerate. I wouldn't mind if I had enough time to hang out with her again!

I'm burning out on baby none of the rest of you get knocked up, please :D At the moment, I have set aside SimSlayer Joe's blanket (nearly done) and am now working on a little shoulder wrap for myself. Jean and I are also thinking of taking a cable knitting class in March. Now, I have done cables before, but it would be fun to take a class with Jean! I also have some thick brown yarn that I was hoping would be enough to make a vest-type thinger out of...bought on clearance for a buck a skein before I left San Diego. We shall see!

My second massage therapy session went really well and I'm in less pain...haven't had to sleep using Tylenol PM as I did the first couple of nights after last week's session. You may think massage is all relaxing and peaceful, but DANG, that session left me in agony! The next session was much better as she worked on releasing more of the tension to bring my body back into symmetry. My next appointment is tomorrow morning, and I hope that brings further relief to my poor neck and shoulder.

We end with a story from the Irony Can Be So Ironic Department. I love Microsoft Access and had created some really intense forms with reports and stuff back in my Blue Shield days. For years thereafter, I carted around my reference materials even though I wasn't using Access. I didn't unload them until leaving San Diego to move back to Seattle.

This week I spent considerable time thwapping myself on the forehead, trying to remember how to do stuff as I've been creating tables and Access! Which I still love, but have forgotten much of what I once knew about its innards. So sad to have carried my reference stuff not quite all the way up to the point where I would actually need it again.



  1. I just read that if you clear your cookies, the price may go back to the original (usually when searching more than one travel site).

  2. Unfortunately, this at the UA website (affectionately known as dot bomb) and comes complete with a long agreement that you realize the base fare increased and you're still willing to pay for it.

    I didn't agree with the increase so I didn't buy :D