Friday, February 22, 2008

In the Background...

...on a CNN video. Muahahahaha!

If you want to skip all the other junk, just move to the 5 minute mark. They have a clip of our party and an interview with Sherry, our art producer (the Sherry whose boots are on my flickr page).

I grieve to note that most of the coverage for the event adds an extra E to my name. Oh, well. Can't win 'em all!


  1. There are hundreds of fans who will view that clip and drool over your moment on tape, however brief, and I did...why they picked that hideous color of green for the official T-shirt.

    Word Verification: oaicuw!

  2. I think it was very effective at warding off all of the idiots who just showed up to see if the girls would be slinking around in bikinis waxing each other for the crowd or something..

    "Oh wowz a gurlz gaming conferenze.."

    "I wunder if they're h0tz..let me see.. OMGZ the GREEN! IT BURNZ!!" *runs away*

    All in all, I think green was probably a wise choice.. ;)

    I had a similar reaction at the clip.. only it was more like..

    "What's with the GREEN?! *camera cuts* Hey look there's Tracy... *camera cuts* OMG! THE BURNING! OW!" *runs away* ;)


    ..and this kids, is what happens to your brain when you stare at code for too many hours in succession. Don't worry.. I'm stepping away from my keyboard RIGHT NOW =)

  3. It's actually not that bad of a green. Green is not my color, which I already know, so I was really worried.

    The tint is darker than lime green or yellow-green. It does light up fantastically, though, which makes the shirt really stand out in a crowd.

    And that's the effect they were going for, so I'd say they're pretty effective :)

  4. In my head (clipped together with memories of my past merchandising emergencies), it goes like this:
    "Oh, great idea!"
    "OMG call that place that makes our Block Party ones and see if they can print some up by tomorrow for the girls!"
    ::frantic dialing::
    ::frantic discussion::
    "They said they can do it, and give us a good price on the shirts if we don't mind the color limeonade green..."
    "PERFECT! Pink is so cliche anyway."
    Okay so maybe they planned it to be green. But I woulda gone with navy blue. No one takes green seriously, I mean honestly - how many people do YOU know who have deep, meaningful discussions with leprechauns?

  5. You don't talk with leprechauns???

    What the hell is wrong with you?!


  6. Ironically I just HAPPENED to be eating a bowl of Lucky Charms while reading that comment! HAHA! =)

  7. I guess I talk to them now if all you gals are wearing that weird green shirt in solidarity. But the Stacy London in me is mighty damned unimpressed.