Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Snow!

I had no idea there was snow on the ground until Candyce texted me last night to worry about whether she and Kevin would be able to make it down the hill to our first dim sum double-date.

Peering outside, indeed, a good couple of inches blanketed the neighborhood!

However, it's warming up today and so it's dripping off the balconies and sliding off the roof. Kevin texted me a bit ago to say it's slush up by their house, which is on a pretty steep slope, so they're going to try to meet us after all.

I'm sitting here refiling my taxes, I'd forgotten that I had had Chris as my dependent, but he's already filed taxes and thus my federal return burped back to me. Alas, removing him from my return brought down the amount I get back. Aiee!

At least it's still a refund and not an owing!

Boyfriend has arrived, so now we are off into the snow to get us some dim sum! Yay!

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