Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Day with His Holiness

On Friday, I'm very, very excited to attend a panel discussion presented by Seeds of Compassion which includes the 14th Dalai Lama as one of the panelists. So excited!

I've got a ticket to the first event of the day, a discussion about the scientific basis of compassion. Oooh. Science and compassion...two things that interest me! Yay!

Later that afternoon, I'm going with Candyce (although we won't be sitting together) to the Concert for Compassion and the pre-concert panel discussion with His Holiness and Dave Matthews.

I wasn't originally going to attend the concert, but as game night in the office was breaking up this evening, Kevin mentioned that he was going to try and sell his ticket as he couldn't attend after all. Well. We can't have Candyce attend an event downtown by herself, can we? :)

Very exciting! I've always wanted to see His Holiness so I'm really looking forward to the events!


  1. Wow! I am so jealous! Why don't we ever get cool stuff like this where I live? Oh yeah, that's right, because I live in the ARMPIT OF THE UNIVERSE.


    Still, I demand a play by play!

  2. You can watch the webcast of the events, Gryph and will probably have a better view than I will!

    It looks like the only things not being broadcast are the Friday afternoon session with Dave Matthews and the concert later that night.

  3. Other than me being smitten with a migraine and us therefore missing the first 5 minutes of the dialog, Friday night's event was FABULOUS.

    Friday morning's was interesting, but they included video messages of the panelists explaining what they do. Um...they were right there; why couldn't they have taken some time to explain it themselves?

    Otherwise, I really enjoyed everything. Especially when His Holiness commented that women and nurses have great compassion. :) That's my friend Candyce: a woman AND a nurse; she's doubly full of compassion! She administered migraine meds so I could see the dialog! Yay!

  4. WOW! That sounds SO COOL! Caught this late so I guess I missed out, but it's awesome that you made it there! =)

  5. Damn. I would've loved to have heard Dave Matthews in discourse with him. That must've been tres interesting.

  6. The Dave Matthews - Dalai Lama conversation was the best thing (I'm not a fanatic, so the concert was great, but not my main interest) even retrospectively.

    At one point, Dave says something to the effect of the world would be a better place if people communicated with each other. Common sense stuff that reminds us how uncommon common sense is at the national level. ;)