Friday, May 16, 2008

Photos are up

Photos from Ohio as well as the company's open house this past Wednesday are now up on flickr.

My shoulder and neck hurt. Grr. Dan's back hurts, too, now, so we are quite the creaky pair.

Next week, I'm going up to Vancouver International Game Summit, where I get to be a speaker. Aiee!

Time to take some ibuprofen.


  1. DAMN you took a lot of photos! I tried to go through them all, but that work thing keeps nagging at me! I better get back to it! Glad you had a good time though! =)

  2. It got to be quite the joke, as I would stop everywhere we went and say, "Wait! Wait! I need to take a picture of (whatever)!"

    And I didn't upload everything, either, as some of them didn't turn out! =)