Sunday, May 18, 2008

An Adventure at Peet's

I had my tits grabbed by a stranger this afternoon at Peet's. Dan and I were sitting outside with our cups of coffee when this guy neither of us knew walked up, put his stuff down on our table and within minutes, palmed my boobs.

Of course, he was only two years old and cute as a button. His hands were soapy after he dumped out his bubble solution and clearly, he needed to wipe them somewhere. What better place than on some nice lady's chest?

His mom was horrified, but we were all laughing so much that it wasn't a traumatic incident. And before Joaquim grabbed my tits, Dan had said (his hands full with Joaquim's toy plane and stuffed bear) that Joaquim was going to wipe his hands on me. Clearly, my own cherubs are old enough that I didn't recognize what Joaquim was up to as it hadn't occurred to me until his little palms were already on me. His mom and her friend sat at the table next to us and Joaquim ran around us, chasing bubbles (before he dumped out all the soap) and generally giggling and chatting.

Joaquim seemed completely oblivious to the dog at the table on the other side of us. Eventually he tried to teach the dog to blow soap bubbles, which led to the pup winding himself around his owner's chair, trying to get away.

A beautiful weekend of sunshine and game night and coffee and titty grabbing!

This coming week will be busy, so I'm not sure I will post again (though I might). On Tuesday, I'm off to Vancouver. Wednesday night, I come back at 11PM. That night at midnight, Dan and I are going with Kevin and Candyce to see the new Indiana Jones movie. Thursday afternoon, Dan and I head to San Diego for the weekend for Chris' graduation.

Busy! Busy! Busy!


  1. hahaha that's a great story. :)

    oh I hope I get a chance to say hi to you when you are in town!!!!

  2. Hahaha. :) Kids do the cutest things sometimes... Things that an adult could NEVER get away with. :) It's just simple and cute, innocent. :)

  3. OK, that's hilarious. :-)

    And I have to say, I love Peets--boobie grabbing or no! Not so much their pastries, but their coffee...oh!