Monday, June 02, 2008


What an interesting weekend. I walked a gazillion (well, maybe eight) miles; watched a couple new episodes of Top Gear; took Butch for a walk so Dan could make it to D&D on time; submitted my early lease termination letter and tendered it to my apartment.

They require sixty days' notice, so my move out day will be July 31st. Dan and I are renting an apartment together in August.


It'll be much easier on Mittens, who misses me when I'm not at home. It'll be easier on me, as I am wracked with guilt for not always sleeping at my own apartment and leaving Mittens to the mercy of the electronic self-cleaning litter pan (which he's slightly wary of...especially since the day he was stalking it and I sneezed just as he approached it...oops).

Our new place will be probably all of five minutes from Kevin and Candyce's house, on a different slope of the same hill. It's the only apartment complex on that bit of road, surrounded by McMansions. There are a dog park, a grocery store, a Sbux and a gas station within walking distance (although, frankly, if we have to walk to a gas station then we have more issues than I care to think of).

Time to head to the office!


  1. Wow.. time's flying by! It's great that you're getting an apartment together already. That's generally a sign that things are going great, and I am happy for that! :)

    I've been slacking on my blog-following stuff in favor of work, geeky coding stuff, with a side of musical endeavors.. I didn't even know you came to San Diego until just now! Alas, it looks like it wouldn't have mattered anyways since you were so busy.

    Anyways, glad all is well! One of these days, things will calm down in my life, and I'll have more to say. Until then, cheers! :)

  2. A side of musical endeavors? Do tell!

  3. That is so awesome! I've been so busy the last couple of weeks that I'm just getting around to catching up with blogs. I understand that guilt. I hope the transition goes well for all the animals. ;)