Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunshine and Something

The forecast is sunny, looking out the window. Birds are a'singin and the cottonwood fluff is...matted to the ground! Finally!

I hate cottonwood fluff. It floats through the air, all sweet and ethereal, then gets in your clothes, your hair, your nose...and is most annoying. It's so nice to look out a window and not see a snowstorm of fluff floating past!

Dan bought me some flowers yesterday...tall, exotic spears of ginger, bird-of-paradise and a type that neither of us amateur botanists could identify. He also included a gladiolus, which is an interesting, soft contrast to the other waxy flowers. They're on the dining table right now. I had to scold Scooter (his cat) as she was showing way too much interest in the palm fronds.

I hope the flowers make it through the day.

Sad news...Candyce's pet Leia passed away yesterday. =( I was here on holiday in 2006 and went with her to pick Leia up. When we played games one night, Kevin brought down each of us a rat to keep us company, and Leia curled up within my fleece vest the entire time. She was so sweet and pretty. I'll miss her.

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