Monday, July 14, 2008

Snow in July

Snowdrops, actually, as I am once again going to work on Yarn Harlot's snowdrop shawl pattern. I set the pattern aside last year to make baby blankets but would really like to finish one of these shawls.

I already have off-white mohair which I found kind of snarky to work with (just as Steph and Gryph had said...the little prophets), and then saw this here Cherry Tree Hill Orenburg lace yarn (in Monet) at the discount yarn website...and there you go. I bought two skeins of the stuff.

I must be mad.

Candyce came over today after dim sum to help me pack up some stuff. Yay! I'm very glad to have had her company. We gossiped and chatted while putting away my living room thingers, until I ran out of boxes small enough for my books.

The house we're moving into is a 2200 square foot split-level. Dan and I surveyed our furnishings and realized we have only "downstairs" furniture. At some point, we shall have to make like grown-ups and by "upstairs" stuff. At least a couch of some kind. Maybe a light fixture. I dunno. We'll have to finish packing and moving in before we know for sure!

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