Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm sitting at Candyce's computer, wrapped up in one of her bathrobes, listening to the sound of the fish tank gurgling. The cats are in the kitchen, hoping someone will feed them soon, but their mom is still asleep. I'm so grateful for good friends like Candyce, who lift my spirits and let me cry. Friends who stood by me in rough times and gave my little children nicknames when they misbehaved.

It was over ten years ago when Cecily, upon hearing stories of my boys and their active little boy ways started calling them "cherubs" because they so were not. She also nicknamed my obviously wrong boyfriend "Mr. Wrong" and mentioned how he was wrong for me just like her occasional boyfriend was wrong for her. We called him "Mr. Wrong's Cousin."

When I first started working at Regence, I was afraid of Cecily a little. At six-feet tall, she cut an imposing figure, quiet and assured with a wonderfully sardonic sense of humor. The first time I heard her laugh was the day that Lynda, Annabelle and I had to share a conference room with her because she was doing paperwork and the three of us were recording a song I wrote as a farewell for Deborah, another of our coworkers. We finished our recording and Cecily shook her head at us, laughing and telling us we were all nuts.

(And we were, too. Later on, Annabelle and I reprised the song for our VP at a Christmas party. It was pretty funny, if I may say so, being to the tune of "Mr. Sandman" and having to do with the physicians who called us on the customer service phone lines. I still remember most of it even now, but it's much better sung in close harmony...really.)

I haven't been in touch with Cecily since before Rob moved out here. We had lunch and dinner a couple of times after I left Regence, but I was busy with my multiple jobs and we just sort of drifted apart.

Melani left me a message yesterday that Cecily's passed away. I'm so sad and my heart feels like its been stomped on. I haven't seen her in years, yes, but I still call my children Cherubs and still refer to Erik as "Mr. Wrong," and it's all because of Cecily. She was supremely supportive when I went through my first divorce and was just an all-around nice person. Funny, cheeky and she had the best collection of cool eyeglass frames I've ever seen.

Thanks for being my friend, Cecily...I wish I had been a better friend myself.


  1. *hug*

    Great friends are a must. You are both very lucky to have each other.

  2. It sometimes takes something bad to happen in order to shock the system into realizing important things that are so easily taken for granted. It's always so bittersweet when it happens, but I think it happens to all of us.

    Bonnie is right.. you are lucky indeed! Great friends are very hard to come by it would seem.. =)