Monday, July 21, 2008


I've been nesting the past couple of weeks, thinking about the rental house and what needs to go into making it a home. And while for most chicks nesting means stuff for the house (and it's not like I'm not thinking about that), for me it's turned into a bout of knitting.

While at Candyce's, I started working on my snowdrop shawl in Cashwool, a soft brown merino wool. It's lovely in hand and took Episodes IV and VI of Star Wars to wind from a hank into a ball. An odd measurement of time, but it did actually take me viewings of both movies to complete the winding!

I'd have watched Empire Strikes Back, too, except that it was in the living room when Candyce packed all my movies. The only two DVDs left outside a box were the ones I watched.

As I'm knitting, I feel less tense and stressed. It's a very fiddly pattern for me, being all delicate, so it requires much concentration and that helps take my mind off things that have been making me sad. I've ripped it back several times already, but figure that unless the mistakes are horrendous (such as forgetting the yarn overs), I may just forge ahead. For example, my ssk's are kind of wonky, but no matter, I knit on unperturbed. Mostly.

It's probably the fact that I need to keep my mind focused on things that makes knitting so relaxing for me. While I don't like having to rip back, it doesn't seem to annoy me as much as it should.

In any case, I'm not sure how long this shawl will take. I'm putting in lifelines as I go along to ensure that I don't need to rip all the way back to the first stitch. We'll see how that goes.

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