Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day on the Island

The island was Whidbey Island, where Dan and I went on our day off. Fortunately, the day that we had picked a day in advance that turned out to be one of the best sunshiney days in the month.

We bought the rug pictured above. Dan called it the Klingon rug, so we had to have it. It's a lovely soft wool and currently lives in the lower entrance hall, pointing the way to our downstairs living area. It's adorable!

We wish to know what it says, so if you or anyone you know has any idea what...please to leave comments!Qa Tlho'!

Most of the day was spent in Langley, wandering the streets, strolling along the grey sand beach and having a late lunch at a bistro. Then we drove up the island to cross back via the bridge at Deception Pass. You can see some photos of us being silly there on my flickr page.

It was really a wonderful day. Traffic flowed nicely in the directions in which we wished to travel. Ferry boats waited for us to board. The sun warmed up the world juuuust enough to be comfortable but not too hot.

A beautiful day! With Klingons!

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  1. Well, oddly enough my rug had enough views (apparently) that flickr has restricted how many folks can see it. So I changed the image to something less exciting, a view of Mt. Baker across the Sound.