Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Weekend

Yesterday, we were slackers without a cause. Other than a desire to drive out to Seattle to look at a vacant house, we had no goal.

The happy end to the night was dinner with Kevin and Candyce, followed by dessert at an Italian place. We each chose something different from everyone else's and so got a little taste of more than half of the dessert menut. Huzzah!

Today is even a less-focused day. I really want to finish my Lady Eleanor shawl, and I will be done before I go to sleep (except for the fringe). In between knitting, I took time to make a potato-sausage-garlic bake for lunch, as well as a vat of marinara sauce to freeze for future use.

I feel very lazy! In fact, I am still in my pajamas! Hahaha! Lazy, lazy, lazy!

Before I finish my last couple of Lady E. tiers, I am going to take a bath. We have a luxuriously large and 80s pink tub in the master bath. It's ginormous and unfortunately the jets in it don't work. It's also larger than the hot water heater can handle, so we take the electric tea kettle and boil extra water to pour in. It's definitely decadent, which is why I normally just shower.

But laziness deserves some decadence and so I am going to indulge myself.

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