Wednesday, April 01, 2009


While at GDC, I optimistically packed three different sock projects, thinking I'd spend more time sitting in one place than I actually did.

Our hotel (which, despite the bedbugs in our room, was pretty nice) was in the civic center of town, a block away from city hall. Moscone was about fifteen blocks or so away. I haven't been walking a lot, not since the plantar fasciitis came along, so I was worried about the distance.

Everything turned out okay, though. I do have a blister on my heel, but otherwise am okay (just bitten all to hell). It's a good thing my feet don't hurt because this freaking itchiness is driving me insane! Grr!

Mokira is the only sock I actually got to work on during the trip. I'd bought the yarn as I thought it was a pinkish purple, but upon knitting it up it's really more pink. Very pretty but not very purple.

I finished the first sock on the flight back from San Francisco and have started on the second. And even better, I learned how to Magic Loop while knitting the first sock (and bought new circular needles as souvenirs of my trip), so now I'm zipping along the second sock very happily. Yay!

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