Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dan and I celebrated our first anniversary in typical fashion. We did whatever came to mind. Originally, we had planned to pick up a couple of steaks at the butcher shop and feast at home, but then we went for a drive to look at a condo open house.

Open houses are always interesting. I like seeing how other people have decorated (or as they say these days, staged) their homes. And while I love looking at places I could never afford, Dan is more practical and looks only at stuff he might actually be able to buy when he's ready.

This time, we went to the only high-rise in the U-district and looked at a couple of units. One was very well-maintained that despite having wallpaper in every room (I kid you not; we may go back just to take photos of it as it's unbelievable how much wallpaper is in this place), we thought it was pretty cool. The other unit was updated and on a much higher floor. Both had splendid views as construction that high is no longer allowed in the area.

Then we looked at an early 80s nightmare condo in Bellevue before having dinner at the same restaurant at which we ate before we decided to give dating a go.

And then it started snowing again. Right now, our backyard is a lumpy blanket of white. It snowed rather fiercely yesterday, too, but the weather warmed up such that it didn't stick to the streets.

In other news, I finished the second Twitterpated sock. Yay! And even though the yarn has lightly tinted my size 2 needles a pale blue, I am going to wear the socks today without washing them first because I want to.

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