Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blarg, blarg, blarg

The week starts off with planning, which is always a stressful time for Dan. I belong to just one scrum team, but he is scrum master for more than that. It's a lot of data to track.

Especially when, as happened to our team, someone else doesn't realize that "save until 3/3" means don't erase all the information on the white board...and so they erase it before we had entered our data into our database. Aiee!

Dan and I will be attending GDC at the end of the month. We'll board Butch and let the cats fend for themselves (or maybe get Jose to peek in on them; lord knows, I've watched his cats often enough). As usual, I can't wait to head into Chinatown to eat! Muahahahaha!

We plan to stay over Saturday and come back Sunday so we have four days of conferencing and a day of milling around aimlessly. I'd ask if any of you guys are going to GDC, but since no one's updated their links I doubt you'll see this. Heh!