Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazon Fresh

Seattle's always been a testing hotbed of delivery services. Back in the day, UPS got its start here. Later on, there came Home Grocer and Kozmo dot coms. And of course,

Some folks hate it, but it is a local company after all, so I don't mind shopping with them. And, in our neck of the woods, they are reintroducing limited home grocery deliveries via Amazon Fresh.

While the product selection can be limited, we can get quite a few of our favorite items from them, saving us a stop at Safeway en route home. It's really handy.

And the nicest thing is that they will sneak up to your house before 6AM and silently pick up the bins from their last visit, replacing them with new bins full of food and beverage.

I love them!

Not sure whether or not we'll be able to take advantage of them at Dan's condo in the U-District. He'll be in a secure building, so I might need to start scheduling delivery for times when I'll actually be at home. Not nearly as convenient as having a stealth drop-off, but still okay.

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