Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boxes, Boxes...Everywhere!

We have many, many piles of boxes. Some are Dan's, but most are mine. I have a lot of stuff. And this is even after pruning things down to move in together, then further pruning to prep for this moving out.

And just as with our last move, we are interspersing our packing with games on the 360. :D Last summer was all about Civilization Revolution. This year, it's Fallout 3.

I'd been watching Dan play since I got him the game for his birthday. After a while, I decided it wasn't so scary and so I began playing it, too. I'm now further along in the main storyline than he is...hehehe!

It's been interesting to play the same game at different times. He's created another character to take advantage of some the things he's learned while watching me play. And all three of our characters are proceeding through the game in different ways, which means we've each discovered different areas and items...then have to bring the other characters up to date on the latest finds.

Movers are coming on Tuesday! It'll be very exciting and stressful.

Butch has a malignant growth on his tongue so will be at the vet's Tuesday. That gets him out of the place for a couple of days (he should be fine...but of course at his age, surgery is riskier than normal). We're still considering what to do with the cats. We may just put them all into the guest room with the stuff that isn't moving to the condo and hope they live through the day.

Now to pry a game controller from Dan so I can go swipe a bobblehead in Megaton. :D

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