Friday, May 22, 2009


OSM and I went to the condo today where she sat in the living room admiring the view while I lined various drawers and cupboards. Afterwards, we went to Wallingford to have lunch and buy yarn.

In celebration of receiving my most recent royalty check, I splurged today on some luscious Panda Superwash bamboo yarn in a gold/magenta/black mix named Chocolate. It's very yummy! Currently making a pair of anklets for OSM, who has been wearing a pair of hospital-issue socks that I lent her the other night.

However, this yarn is so lovely, I may end up buying more just so I can make some for myself!

Also in our stars: a visit to Trophy Cupcake. I've heard about them but have never been. In the stress of the week, I got 3 cupcakes for myself and OSM selected a vanilla frosted vanilla cupcake for herself. Since there was a line to the register, I told OSM to have a seat until I'd paid.

While chatting with the girls behind the counter (they have like fifty staff members back's really kind of neat), I glanced toward OSM and noticed her hobbling down the stairs and out the front door. I handed my debit card to one of the girls I was talking to and said, "I'll be back!" before dashing after OSM.

"Where are you going, Mom?"

She turned and appeared puzzled. Glancing around, she pointed toward one of the bistro chairs on the sidewalk and said, "I'm going to sit here."

I have no idea why she got up from her seat inside to walk all the way down the stairs outside, and I'm not sure she knows either. In any event, once she actually sat down, I raced back inside to get the cupcakes and my card back.

We haven't eaten our cupcakes yet. She went to bed early. It's been a busy day. =\

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