Monday, June 29, 2009

Tracy Zaventure

When Phil was a tyke, one of his favorite games was Kirby's Adventure...aka Kirby Zaventure. That's what my life is right now! A Zaventure!

As some of you know by now, I gave notice last week, will be moving to Baltimore to work for a different online game company and stuff. Movers came today to pick up my worldly goods and haul them away to store until I find a place to actually live out there.

On Sunday, I bought a car. It's so new, I put on all but the first ten miles :) In all my life, I have never bought a brand-new car. Old Paint was just not going to be up to the challenges ahead of me, so off he went to the dealership recycling plant. My new car is so pretty; I have named her Jane Grey, because she is a lovey dark grey with grey interiors.

We will take pictures of her tomorrow. Squeee!

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  1. So exciting! Hope the move is smooth and you love it there!