Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Settling In...for now

Though we still have some clean up to do at the house (our landlord is awesome), we are in the condo. Two adults, three cats and a dog.

They did not tear the place up yesterday while we were gone. Yay!

In this smaller venue, Scooter has become resigned to her frenemies, Mittens and Melody. They can now all be within a couple of feet of each other without hissing. I think the problem in the house was that we initially had all the pets segregated as Heather and Dan's two cats were still living there, and that compounded the stress level. Now, in a place all their own, the cats can duke it out (or not) without added discomfort.

I got up this morning a little before 5, to the pinkish orange sunrise and the sound of birds chattering in the trees below us. They are very loud birds. We're close enough to the water that seagulls also fly by. It would be cooler if it weren't so daggone early in the morning.

Oh, and it seems to be trash day. They are already picking things up; I can hear the back-up beeping, the slamming of bin covers and the roar of engines up and down the streets. It's 5:45AM.

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