Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleepless in...Baltimore

Now that I finally have electricity, I inflated the mattress I've been carting around in the trunk of my car since Seattle. It apparently has a slow leak in it as by morning, I could feel myself sinking into a depression...quite literally. Very sad!

And so, having been up since 2:30AM, I am going to sleep now. Re-inflated the bed, took a couple tylenol PM's to ensure zzz's and there you go.

I did mean to finish knitting my self-striping sock tonight. It's the end of a milestone at my new company and we are going bowling after work tomorrow...and all my other socks are with my household goods (which won't arrive for another 2 weeks). I cannot wear rental bowling shoes without socks! Aieee!

Also won't be able to bowl without a wrist brace. I'm going to stop by the athletic shop in the mall across the street tomorrow to see if they have something I can use.

Saturday will be awesome...Ray and Rane are coming up from the DC side of Baltimore and we're going to the Aquarium! Yay! I've already been to a knitting group here, now the Aquarium trip and with any luck, I shall also make it to Zeb's housewarming party Saturday night. That's a lot of socializing for someone (me!) who doesn't know anyone in the area.

And with any luck, Mr. Moorgard will bless the presentation I put together for our AGDC lecture such that I shall not be spending my Sunday evening fretting over it. We shall see!

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  1. CHARM CITY CAKES!!!! Go there and steal their sektritz! :)