Sunday, August 02, 2009

Humidity and Me

Yarrrrrr! A trip to the Inner Harbor with Ray, Rane and Jack completely wiped out my energy on Saturday. Although I had an open house invitation for that night, when I stopped at home to shower and change, it was too late. The moment I got to my room, I lay on the inflatable bed and passed out.

I do not like humidity. I really hate perspiring so much. =\

Then again, this is my first weekend not in my own place. Today, in lieu of tubing down a river with some co-workers, especially in light of the early morning downpour and accompanying thunder, I stayed home with the cats. We lounged. We knit. We discovered the joys of internet TV (thank you, neighbor's wifi).

It's now late (well, late to me) and Mittens is curled up on my leg. He's been very cuddlesome, probably hoping that there is no more upheaval in his future. The last big event will be the arrival of my household goods, which should be in a couple of weeks at the latest. Fingers crossed, anyway.

I suppose I should be grateful that at least I have straight hair. The humidity may make me feel icky, but it doesn't cause my hair to do peculiar things.

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