Monday, August 10, 2009

The Land Before Time

I've never lived on the East Coast before. It's very peculiar to me to be up and at work while it's still 6AM on the West Coast. It also leads to situations where I need to do some business with places further to the west and they aren't even open when I call. So strange!

One interesting aspect of this coastal change is upon viewing some of my favorite TV channels. Dan and I watched a lot of HGTV together, which would often show a program at 6PM, then repeat it later that night at 9PM. If one were home for the first showing, the second airing of the same show was a little irritating. Here on the East Coast, that show's on once in prime time, then not until midnight. Additionally, the HD channel and the regular channel are in sync, instead of being offset by a few hours.

While I'll probably miss having access to the Canadian channel during the next Olympics, right now I'm reveling in two PBS stations, with regular broadcasts and their HD counterparts. Between these channels, I am able to catch a couple of my favorite shows (History Detectives and New Tricks) that I missed in Seattle. Yay!

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