Sunday, August 16, 2009


Our marketing dude took some headshot photos of me in case I'm included in a list of "influential women in MMOs" in the next month or so. Hahaha! This would be all Nancy Berman's fault ;)

My hair looks terrible in every shot. :D Oh, well!

While I can't talk much about my job, I will say how I love it. Whenever I get a little email telling me that something I've written is good, it makes me happy. I hadn't realized how much I've missed getting feedback on my work.

Nearly done with first Blackrose sock. It's going to be difficult to take a good photo of it on me as the lace runs up the outside of the leg. I've tried to, but I am not a contortionist and so cannot bend that way.

Hope I get some sleep tonight. I don't want to take any tylenol pm as it's already after 11 and that stuff makes me really groggy.


  1. I take it you haven't submitted a story with zombie children in it yet? :) And your hair looks fine in that shot.

  2. If your sleep problems continue, you might talk to your doctor about a medication called Rozerem. It's not narcotic or addictive. What it does is mimic melatonin in your system, and helps get your circadian rhythms back in line.

    It's done wonders to get my sleep schedule normalized. And again, it's not addictive. It's much more natural than other stuff.