Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finishing Up

While in Austin, I finished off my Rib Fantastic socks, but I don't like how the toes turned out. They're both awfully shallow and I'm afraid they'll rub through. Hence, I'll be undoing the bind off and re-knitting the toes this weekend.

Meanwhile, however, I started up another pair of socks. This time, the pattern is Tidal Wave. That said, I think I have already messed it up, quite possibly at the point in time where the girl in the seat beside me on the plane began heaving into her airsick bag. =\ Could have been a lot worse (her illness, not the sock)...fortunately, she wasn't as sick as she could have been. Still...yucko!

Speaking of yucko, did I mention that I was sequestered for the better part of a day in Steve's hotel room? We added timing and style to our presentation and observed this happy note on the desk. Invasion of the crickets follows me to Austin! Aiee!

Added some Austin photos to my Flickr page. I'm not sure what the motivation is for me to take photos. Sometimes it's because I see something beautiful and want to remember it. Other times, like this morning, I see something unusual and try to capture it. I wish I had a better camera, but oh, well. I can only do so much :)

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