Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everything Hurts =\

Friday, twas cramps. Little stupid female cramps that really, really make me wish the plumbing would just dry up already. Haven't I already suffered enough for my ovaries in this lifetime?!

Since all I felt up to doing was sitting in the bark-o-lounger with Mittens as a heating pad, I knit and watched Inspector Lewis (I do like having on-demand Masterpiece Mysteries). By nightfall, however, I realized my True Love sock projct is going to be as painful as finding actual true love.

It's just not that into me. =\ The heel just wouldn't sit right. I frogged. I tinked. I tried out several variations on heels. None of them looked right and going by faith with the written instructions was a disaster.

Evidently, even having a map of True Love is not enough to let it find its way.

Ripped it all back late last night and thus have nothing to show for two days of knitting it. Blech. I will take it with me to Kate's house this afternoon for a Stitch 'n Bitch, together with a batch of Emily's butter tarts.

Even butter tarts hate me this weekend.

Topping this all off is a horrible ear ache in my left ear. The kind that makes swallowing painful, hearing muzzy and when coupled with my female complaints will at least get me into the bitching mood appropriate for this afternoon's fete.

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