Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Bits

My ear hurts a lot so tomorrow it's off to meet not-my-doctor for the first time. The doctor who is my chosen primary care physician isn't in until Thursday, but apparently when one calls up with an earache, one is moved to the front of the queue.

On the other hand, this is just one of those "the East Coast is different than I expected it to be" moments. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten an appointment to see my own chose doctor this very week. This week! That's unheard of anywhere else I've lived, unless you were at death's door or some other patient kicked the bucket and freed up a slot.

I kept imagining how much more crowded it must be here in the East, since all the textbooks say folks had to move West to get land and stuff. But there's large tracts of land (hehehe) all over the freaking place, wide open farmlands and fields with horses wandering about on the hillside.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to Kate and Becca's house for a stitch n' bitch session and it was very nice. Emily's butter tart recipe proved to be authentic tasting, so I guess I'm doing it right after all. :) I knit a little bit of my True Love sock, messed up a stitch and decided to put it aside for the moment. Went back to knitting my Brooke's Column of Leaves scarf, which would totally have been finished by now if I hadn't decided to do three columns instead of one.

And then when I wandered home, I decided to start something completely different as I want to bring it to Candyce next weekend. It's almost completely done now, although it's not as good looking as I had hoped. Still, it feels very lovely as I used sock yarn held double to give it the proper weight. I'll take pictures of it when it's done, but won't post them till after my trip.

I hope my ear heals up by then.

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