Friday, October 02, 2009

I'd like to thank...

...Suz. I can't think of anyone else who encouraged me, nurtured me and made me feel as though I really could do anything in games if I put my mind to it.

Thanks, Cosmic Twin. I'm sure it's still your influence that's blessing me in all sorts of ways that I don't deserve.

It's kind of funny to see my name on a list like this. I'm tickled that Melissa's also on the roster! Went to Target tonight on the way home from work, but this one didn't have a copy.

I know that Carolyn was researching and writing the article for a few months. When she first asked for nominations, I nominated Suz. Unfortunately, the article was going to be about women currently working in MMOs, so Suz didn't qualify. But she qualifies for my personal list. Without her, I wouldn't have gotten so far.

There's a certain bittersweet quality to this sort of thing at the moment. I wish I had someone to share the moment with here with me now. Someone who'd hug me and take me out for a celebratory incandescence. Instead, I hugged the cats (who put me in my place with their lack of impressed-ness) and settled in to work on my Owlings.

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  1. I'm definitely proud of you. You're very much like Suz, you two might not have been great at scripting/tools, but what you are great at you excel. She made a lasting impression with the one interaction with her I had as a player, and she was a wonderful boss, friend, and a joy to work with. Definitely Cosmic Twins. *hugs* and congratulations. :)