Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had a pretty good weekend. As with all holidays, the time sped by and suddenly last night I had to head to the airport.

Friday started at 3AM, since I live an hour from the airport and had to get to the off-site parking lot, shuttle to the airport from there, and check in two boxes of Dan's things that accidentally shipped with my household goods. That left me pretty exhausted, but so happy when I finally landed at SeaTac.

Flying to Seattle is always a homecoming for me. I picked up my rental car and headed to Candyce's house, which has been my second home ever since I met her. Driving across the floating bridge, I reflected how the last time I drove across the lake, I was happy and excited. I didn't imagine that my next trip to Seattle would be bittersweet. By the time I knocked on Candyce's door, I was in tears and saying (as I often did when arriving there), "Honey, I'm home!" had quite a different feel. We cried for a bit because we miss each other and because she sensed my unhappiness.

That's what I love about Candyce. I don't have to explain myself, she just knows.

And so, the weekend flew by. Game night was great (as usual). Dim sum was awesome (as usual). And though I had to drop out of shopping with Candyce and Lorien on Sunday, I did spend the day with Phil. Rob met up with us as we were downstairs in Uwajimaya's, giving Phil the scoop on living downtown and how the best Asian grocery store in the Northwest is wasted on him. ;)

Yesterday, Candyce and I spent the day in the hospital as she was getting meds dripped into her to help break up her migraine. I finished a Tidal Wave sock and started on its partner by the time she was finished and feeling a bit better. As you can see in the accompanying photo of Candyce in her Jayne Cobb Hat, she is feeling better today. Yay!

I'm looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. While the move wrenched me away from my friends and family, I love my job. Liking what I do makes up for a lot.

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