Saturday, October 17, 2009


Some days are just much better than others.

Today, feeling a little mopey, so I'm going to watch some Star Wars, wind yarn into cute little center-pull balls and maybe start a pair of Skyp socks for Kevin. After all, he has a thing for socks and I am his "other" wife. :) It'll be nice to knit something for someone who'll appreciate the effort.

Later on, after scrubbing out that awful bathtub (it needs serious re-enameling and so every bit of scum that can catch on something, does), will take a hopefully relaxing Lush-infused bath.

I'm not angry over the break-up with Dan. It's just so, so disappointing. And it's not even that the reason is, well, unreasonable. All it means is that our paths ran along together so well and now the paths diverge.

I miss him. I'll miss having him in my everyday life because I am, at this moment, still in love with him. He wants things I don't, I want things he doesn' there's no future. Meanwhile, I'm allowed to mourn and be occasionally mopey...and so I am.

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