Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tis the Season

Finished this hat last night while watching a biography of Jimmy Stewart, which seemed entirely appropriate. Now I want to head up the road to the Blockbuster video shop that's going out of business to see whether they have The Philadephia Story.

I adore black and white movies, especially the ones with lovely costumes and snappy dialog. Sometimes the acting isn't up to our modern (methody) style, but observing a way of life that's completely foreign and yet familiar has a lot of comfort.

My local yarn shop has all its sock yarns at 20% off, so I plan to head out in a bit for some browsing. Tomorrow is another stitch n' bitch at Kate and Becca's and I may need something new.

Er, other than the fact that I already have something like 50 different types of yarn around here, apparently. I believe I am stocking up for a wool shortage! Yeah. That's it.

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