Sunday, November 01, 2009

This Is It

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. One of my favorite albums was Off the Wall as it came out during my musically formative years. How many dances did we attend back in the day where everyone got up to dance to a Michael Jackson song...I couldn't even tell.

At Polly Esther's, where one room did disco and the other side did retro-80's stuff, there was a night where we walked in and the dance floor was empty. Devin went to get our drinks and his friends and I were standing around talking. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough came on and I dragged one of the guys out to the floor...and within seconds, the whole place was dancing, too. I still love that song. It reminds me of a lot of happy, joyous moments within an otherwise dark and dismal time.

This Is It was good. They did a great job editing together various rehersal sessions into a cohesive piece. What I loved most of all, though, were the shots of the background dancers on the floor below watching Michael performing. The joy in their faces tells the whole story to me. It would have been an awesome concert experience. Whatever personal issues Michael may have had, this was all about music and movement and I'm glad they have this film to showcase it.

Another cocoon weekend for me, other than going out to the movie. I had pizza delivered last night after I came back from the there anything better than a small, local pizza place that calls you to make sure you really wanted anchovies? :) Fazzini's is my Italian comfort food joint and the fact that they deliver makes it even better. Comfort straight to my home and my belly! Yay!

I'm currently on Cookie A's Monkey Socks bandwagon. It's a wagon that's over 10,000 socks deep on Ravelry. You see, I have this Crazy Zauberball yarn that went looking for a pattern and it picked the Monkey...and I'm glad it did. The pattern is really easy, quick and looks fabulous. I'm already at the heel of the first one and can't wait to finish the pair of them!

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