Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Grand Day Out

It was supposed to be much colder yesterday, but luck and the sun shined upon us all day. Yay!

In the "it's a small world after all" category, one of the artists where I currently work used to work with Ray, Rane's husband, back in Colorado. They didn't know that I knew each of them until I started planning this next weekend's trip to DC and included Ray in the email (handy that he works for the same company, even if in a completely different location).

I have been moping quite a bit lately, coming home from work on Fridays and hiding with cats and knitting until Monday forced me back to the office. Yeah, I know. We broke up in September; it's now November and I need to get over it. Whatever.

In any event, yesterday turned into a really awesome day, and not just because of the great weather. Mike (aforementioned artist dude from work) had been talking about a restaurant he likes in Hampden. Christina, who watched my cats for me, lives in that 'hood and has been talking about the cool yarn shop there. Since we all already had plans to meet up at the Greek Festival that afternoon, I invited myself to have brunch with Mike.

We walked up and down the street, hitting up a number of shops along the way. My favorite shop was Ma Petite Shoe, which features shoes and chocolate. How awesome is that?

The yarn shop was very bit as cool as Christina said it would be. The ladies there were very friendly, inviting me and Mike to see their restroom. :D Apparently, cool restrooms are the hallmark of local yarn shops. This one was papered with some of the most cheesy, awful pattern photos of old knitting projects. The kicker is that they keep little speech bubble sticky notes and pens handy so that folks can add captions to the photos. Hilarious!

And then we headed to the Greek festival, which was really cool. Tons of food, a glimpse into the beautiful cathedral itself and some time hanging out with Kathy, Christina and her sister. Mike and I hung around watching the impromptu dancing before heading back to the office where Jane Grey patiently waited for me.

It feels as though I'm turning a corner of sorts. It's a good feeling.

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