Thursday, November 12, 2009


This is Nottingham, done in bulky alpaca. Mike picked out the yarn on Saturday and it was a good choice! I had an easy time knitting it and it feels sooooo soft.


The other day in a meeting to go over something at work, I took an opposite view to everyone. =\ Not trying to be difficult (I don't have to try; it comes easily to me), just trying to make a point. One of the artists pointed out that we could do things my way if he did X and so folks decided to do it the way I suggested. Kate, the goober, says, "Well, you are one of the most influential women in MMOs..." for which I smacked her. Heh.


Same sort of thing happened this morning at scrum, although I forget exactly what we were discussing, but this time it was our QA lead Jason who said it. Fortunately for him, he was standing as far away from me as possible and so I didn't get to smack him.

But maybe I will, anyway, tomorrow.


Chick-fil-A for dinner tonight via the drive through.

Me: May I get a number one, deluxe, with a small Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake?
C-F-A: You have to get that in large.
Me: Well. Okay. Twist my arm.
C-F-A: [laughs]

I pull around to the window and she leans out and says, "You are the nicest customer I've ever had here, and I've been here for two years."

Isn't that a shame? :( I suppose folks give her grief because they can't get a small shake or something. I tell you, if you have to take out your miserable day on Chick-fil-A's drive through peeps, you do not deserve their food, especially this Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake which is amazing.

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  1. WOW and I can say I knew you when you were the most influential woman in our MMO. (preen)