Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Day in DC

Long day of firsts. First dim sum in Maryland. First time getting lost in Silver Spring (although quite likely not the last; that place is a Bermuda Triangle). First time on the DC Metro.

And, may I just say, that the whole DC experience is completely enhanced by a good playthrough of Fallout 3. :) I stood in happy awe that the Metro stations look just like they do in the game, except in better repair. Becca asked why there were so few trash cans, and in possibly one of my geekiest moments ever, I said that they were taken out because too many people hid their loot in them after killing Super Mutants.

Somewhere along the way, the beautiful silver bracelet Dan gave me last Christmas fell off. I noticed it was missing the Air and Space Museum, which added to the odd experience of being there.

Last time I was in DC and in that same museum, I was preggers with Phil. And still about five years away from realizing that I hated pretending to like airplanes just because my then-husband adored them. The group wanted to see this particular museum, so in I went...but within minutes realized that I didn't have to pretend any interest; I could go and do something else.

And so I did. The group had actually separated upon entering the museum, scattering off to look at different things. When I realized my bracelet was gone, I retraced some of my steps and Mike ran into me; we went to the Hirschhorn. Where, may I note, they have lovely leather couches that tired people can sit for a bit to strategize where else to go.

We spent the last hour of the day wandering through the Natural History Museum (which, again, gave me gleeful moments of Fallout 3-ness). Loved the rooms of little tiny skeletons! We were chastised for trying to head into the reptile room after the guard had given us all a two minute warning to leave.

After getting lost (again) in Silver Spring, we headed back northwards and had supper at Fazzini's, whereupon I fell into a food coma.

I hope I recover enough to get to the Irish festival and its kilt contest today.

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  1. You're having a blast! I went to DC once the entire 7 1/2 years I live on the east coast. Food comas are good, and I loved the pcitures!