Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Party Time

The past week has been party after party, always a challenge for someone who is as "party shy" as me.

Last Saturday was the knitting group's gift exchange party at Chandra's house. I have to upload all the photos I took, after yanking out all the blurry pet photos (heh...I love Chandra's cat, who is named Remington...just like my first cat!). It was a snowy night, perfect for testing Jane Grey in the cold.

Sunday, Mike and I drove down to Rockville and spent some time with Ray and Rane. Mike and Ray talked art and got caught up while Rane and I talked about all sorts of things. :) I wish I lived closer to them; it was so, so comforting to be able to chat with someone that I knew before moving out here. They invited me to come spend time with them over Christmas.

On Tuesday, I had some co-workers and some of the knitting group over for a cookie exchange. The event filled me with anxiety beforehand, as I couldn't invite everyone I wanted to lest they all show up and have no place to sit or stand in my apartment. It seemed that every time I turned around, I remembered someone else I wished I could have invited. Still, folks seemed to have a good time, and we were certainly filled with an abundance of marvelous cookies!

Then Wednesday night, Jeremy planned a get-together for the content devs at the Irish pub. It was a nice event (even if he had to guilt me into skipping knit night) and we got to meet the significant others of some of the guys we work with. Just not enough space to mix up and visit with everyone.

And then, tonight. It's the company holiday party in DC and it'll be very big and very scary. Big because it includes the Bethesda studio as well, and scary because it's, well, a party. Fortunately, I am carpooling down to DC with Anna (our newest dev...yay! another chick!) so I won't be alone. We're sharing a hotel room down there, too, so we won't need to drive back in the middle of the night.

I just need to figure out what I'm wearing and how much gear I really need to take for a weekend in DC.

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