Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long Weekend

This is pretty much the sum total of my entire long weekend. I hung some art (probably crookedly). I dug into storage boxes of holidays past, decorated my little tree and set out my collection of Santa figures. I also cried a lot.

Haven't done as much knitting as I wanted. My Tidal Wave sock is nearly done; maybe an hour more on it. Also nearly done is a diagonal scarf for one of my Secret Sant-ees. I might do a hat to go with it, but the way I've been feeling lately maybe not.

I meant to go to Ikea today, but the thought of swimming upstream against the holiday shoppers was overwhelming. I might go one night after work, though. We'll see.

Bought some Xmas gifts online, planned out others, ordered a grown-up coffee table for myself. I've been using an old pressboard steamer trunk and want to look less like a college student and more like a real adult. Eventually, I'll get a real TV stand, too. Much as I like the glass blocks and boards, they do look a bit more like dorm room than living room.

I picked out gifts for Dan that I know he'd like but that I won't be buying for him. I wonder if he does the same thing? Probably not. Women always seem to hold onto emotions much longer than men. This weekend was much more difficult than I expected. Just as I thought I was getting to be over things and moving on, someone made an innocent comment that made me sad and sad is where I am still.

All of the stuff we bought for Christmas last year as well as his old holiday decorations are here...can someone let him know that I'll send them to him in January, when I think I'll be able to look at them again? Thanks.

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