Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

What a rollercoaster year...I'm really glad it's over!

Stopped by Wegman's tonight to pick up some things and got the sushi guy to make me a rainbow roll, just so I could have something like sashimi today. Local kine girl, 'as why. :) They do decent sushi for a grocery store, and he was out of something so he put on something more expensive to make up for it. How nice. :)

I'm already in my pjs since I won't be going out tonight. Melody and Mittens are curled up beside me on the bark-o-lounger, sleeping. I'm going to put on a chick flick in a bit and eat cookies, watch the movie, knit, maybe read a magazine. It'll be like nearly all my other New Year's Eves over the past decade.

This is the year in which I learned that I adore knitting socks. I like it so well that it's pretty much the body of my completed work this year in knitting. I am in the middle of knitting my first pair of two-at-a-time socks, a pattern called Sugar Maple. When I'm finished with these, they'll be the 10th pair of socks I've completed. Next month, I'll be competing in Sock Wars as well. And, as I told them last night, the knitting group women really saved my sanity in the past couple of months. Without them, I think my sadness would have become even more overwhelming than it seemed. How lucky am I to have found them, huh?

I'm also actually rather happy here. It's just so gosh-darn pretty! When a group of us went to a yarn shop in Pennsylvania last week, I stared out the window at the snowy landscape and beautiful old buildings we passed. I do love this area and can't wait to feel completely settled.

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Zephy! You're lucky to have such good friends and they are lucky to have you as such a good friend!