Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'd have photos to share, but I apparently left my camera at Molly's house last night after her Frogging Party (I hope, anyway, as I've unpacked all my stuff and can't find it).

What is frogging, you ask? It's when a knitter decides that a project is juuuuuust not going well, or something's been outgrown and the yarn of which it's made could be put to better use elsewhere, so the knitter unravels it. This is also known as "ripping" which also can sound like "ribbit" and hence, frogging.

Remember: knitters also abbreviate "Knit Along" as "KAL" - we are a mystical bunch.

In any case, Molly (one of the Wednesday knitting group) invited us all to her home for a potluck and frogging party. Chandra drove Jeannie, Veronica, Tammy, and myself up and we stayed till around 11PM. Lotsa good food, laughter, and many reclaimed cakes of yarn.

Sadly, my Ravelympics Rick socks were one of the frogged items. They were simply too ugly with that peg-leg thing stretching out all the stitches. I'm going to start over adding in another repeat of 12 stitches.

Also finally frogged out my original blue Twisted Hourglass socks as well as my Noro entrelac socks/armwarmers. The yarn cakes are sitting on my grown-up coffee table now, pristine (if a bit wrinkly), in lovely anticipation of what they will become next.

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