Sunday, February 21, 2010


The first time I'd moved away from Seattle, we were back in Hawaii the year of the Goodwill Games. Watching the events unfold from the hometown of my heart was emotionally wrenching to me. I loved seeing familiar sights of evergreens, snowy mountains and bright blue water.

This year, I'm on the East Coast and looking at Vancouver during the Olympics. Vancouver is geographically so similar to Seattle that it's always felt like a hometown to me, too.

I am not homesick. Or at least, not as much as I thought I'd be. I'm enjoying the glimpses of places I've been, but not feeling sad over being so far away.

That's good. :)

I thought about going for a drive today, since it was so sunny and pretty out. Instead, I curled up to watch some Olympics (interspersed with murder shows), knitting on my Ravelympics sock. Rick is giving me grief, sadly. As you can see in the photo, one sock appears significantly skinnier than the other. That is the sock for my peg-leg. Adifferent stitch on the right sock, slip-slip-knit, is pulling it in tighter than the left sock.

At some points, I considered ripping both socks out and starting over with an extra pattern repeat to make them wider, but kept knitting anyway. It fits, but the amount of stretching it must do takes away from the cuteness of the pattern.

Anyone know any pirates who need a pair of lovely socks? :)

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