Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

Had to charge up my camera battery, or I'd have had a photo from earlier, before the snow started to stick. Imagine that the air conditioning pump thinger to the right has no snow on it at all until 7PM. I had to brighten this photo up slightly as it was really dark out, since the snow hadn't coated all the trees yet. The orange cast of the street lights is really peculiar.

Midnight. No need to lighten this photo. The wind was really picking up, too. It's mesmerizing to watch the snow falling, then a gust of wind shakes the tree branches, causing accumulated snow to cascade down. Almost like a silent movie, with wind. :)

At 8AM this morning, my dining room window is sprinkled across with snow. Don't know how long I'll be able to take photos through it now! Also observed that the door into the building across from my back patio was covered in snow across its lower third.

When I went out to get a photo of my own building's door snowed under, I ran into our complex's maintenance men already shoveling it out. Since I was already boiling water to make tea, I made enough tea for all of them. They've been out since 6:30AM and will be shoveling and plowing all weekend. They're a nice group of guys. Even though I'd barely run a comb through my hair and had on whatever came to hand, I took my cup of tea on the stairwell with them until they had to go back to work.

I live in a nice place.


  1. I make hot chocolate for my maintenance people, too. It's always so cold, and with all the wind and the snow, they're working hard. A little of something warm never goes amiss. And you never know, one day it may pay off. Maybe we'll get a little extra salt on the sidewalk out front.

  2. You are so sweet!!! Stay warm and eat those apple dumplings! And stay WARM!