Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Received my death socks yesterday afternoon. Aiee!

They are very comfy :)

That means I'm out of Sock Wars, alas. The second pair of socks, which Kate/PadowanKnitter started and I completed, have not yet reached their target in California, but she's dooooomed! And my assassin, the gracious and friendly Amanda/Obi-Wan-Knitobi, hasn't been killed yet, either, even though her assassin already sent death socks to her.

Mittens is sleeping beside me, squeaking through his nose. I think he has a cold, poor kitty.

It's pretty darn cold around here. Started snowing as I drove home from work tonight and it's still coming down. I find it very interesting to live in an area that's prepared for snow. Even little side streets around here are regularly plowed. My apartment complex clears out the parking lots, too, so that's pretty nice. And I have a cute little snow shovel so that I can scoot snow away from Jane Grey if necessary.

Last week was a particularly difficult week for me, for reasons unknown. I took some time off work, knit, read, napped and had angst. On the bright side, I've lost 20 pounds since moving out here. On the other hand, most of it is because I haven't been eating very well. And even though I feel much better and peaceful today, dinner turned out to be a couple of slices of challah with butter. I hope I'm not snowed in tomorrow. I'm almost out of challah!

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  1. Eat healthy! If your muscles atrophy from lack of nourishment, you won't be able to knit. Remember that. And there are so many easy things to make that are tasty and healthy! Fruit smoothies, for one.
    Your death socks are lovely. And poor kitty with a cold!