Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunny Day

It's gorgeous and cold. The sun is out, trees are covered in the faint green of new leaves and teeny little blossoms. A beautiful, sunny day!

A nice thing about this area is that even with all the variations in weather, it is often clear and bright. Not the creepy cloudlessness of Southern California, but blue skies with wispy clouds to frame them.

Maybe it's just because it's Spring now, but I feel reenergized and content. Now disorder in my life makes me want to get up and clean instead of retreat in despair.

Or maybe, I'm just getting energy from swinging around my Pokewalker to level up my Pokedudes. :D Think of the calories I am burninating by jiggling my foot because I have that little walker held in place by the leg of a handknit sock! Wheee!

On a day like today, I look back on the sadness I felt and marvel. Was I really that unhappy? How could anyone be so filled with angst?

I thought of a Karan Casey song, Love is Pleasing. First heard it late last year on Prairie Home Companion and immediately went and bought the CD. Other than the darkness of the last verse (although, perhaps I felt that way too and am refusing to believe it), it tells the story of my Winter.

But now it is Spring and I will be going out to look for chocolates today. Yay!


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