Friday, April 02, 2010

Time for a Picnic

And possibly, for allergy meds :)

So far, Maryland hasn't kicked my butt with allergies the way Seattle did. When the weather began to change from cold to sunny, though, my internal barometer went nuts. Seems to have calmed down, though, thankfully.

Went out earlier this week for a manicure with Anna, followed up by a bunch of us going for pedicures in anticipation of the great weather this coming week. Post-pedicure, we then headed to Towson for Cheeeeeesecake Factory and shopping at Lush. I even drunk texted Broos, though it is not the same was when Candyce and I drunk text him. That said, I still got a perfunctory response from him, calling me a goober. :) Love ya, Broos!

In the Tomorrow's News Today category, I am going on a date tomorrow. We are meeting at a park to have a picnic. I made a batch of Emily's butter tarts, but my oven made them a ginormous fail. :( I'm too tired now to do something else, so I hope to have the energy in the morning to make some cupcakes instead.

Hope the weather's nice where you are, too!

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