Sunday, April 04, 2010

Saturday in the Park

A lovely day for a lovely drive down to DC to picnic in a park that I have never been to before with a random internet dude (hmmm. the acronym would be RID...which I find hilarious and shall use it now!). I picked the location, Meridian Hill Park, after consulting with Google for parks in which to picnic.

And it was a great picnicky park, folks spread blankets all over the bits of grass. RID and I snacked and chatted. Eventually, I wanted to go to Ray and Rane's to drop off the remaining maple cupcakes I'd made that morning because I was filled with thoughts of them while baking. :)

RID wanted to show me a place where the cherry blossoms were in bloom. Hah! Where have I heard that before? Erm...never, actually. Viewing the cherry blossoms is a big DC ritual, however, as there are updates on various websites that explain where the trees are in bloom at the moment and looking their best.

We drove (I followed him in Jane Grey) to a neighborhood called Kenwood, with an emergency stop for bacon at RID's favorite butcher shop. Apparently, I bring out the bacon in RIDs :) and he bought me some to take home. Heh! And then, we reached the neighborhood with the cherry trees.

Wow. Amazingly cool and beautiful. For some reason, the photo button isn't working now on this post, but you can wander to my Flickr page to see how lovely this place is. We walked up and down thru the neighborhood while petals fell like snow whenever the wind blew.

The real highlight of the entire day, though, was my rather impromptu visit with Ray and Rane and their cherubs. I sort of invited myself over, which is completely unlike me, but I really wanted to take them cupcakes. Ray picked up some Indian food and beer, and we sat around visiting until I reluctantly (and somewhat guiltily) left to come home. I've missed them and may invite myself to their place more often now!

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