Friday, April 09, 2010

Yarn Diet Fail!

Although, to be fair, I don't think I called it a diet year and so, any dieting would be incidental anyway. Why, yes, I can justify my purchases.

Tomorrow morning it will be a yarn shop adventure for the Women of Wegman's once again! This time, our target is Sweitzer's Countryside Fibers in Pennsylvania.

I'm very excited about this. Veronica is picking me up, then we are going to Donna's to get her, meeting up with Renee and who-knows-who-all-else at a Starbucks in Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury! What a gloriously East Coasty name!

In any event, I love going around to these far-flung shops with my knitting friends. Not only are they a wonderful group, but it's great to feel connected to the area, and to a common interest.

I'm tired tonight because Anna and Kathy guilted me into exercising tonight. :( As I sat on the exercise bike, Pokewalker affixed to my shoelace for maximum levelling up, Kathy observed (and I paraphrase), "You really don't like exercise; I've never seen such a frown."

Tomorrow starts with the shopping, but it will end with cleaning. Melody has been shedding clumps of fur over everything, poor thing. :(

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